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Google Calendar App

Stay up to date with
Google Calendar

From your daily schedule to up-to-the-minute reminders, keep your calendar top of mind without leaving Slack.

Add to Slack

Build a bridge between Google Calendar and Slack. Respond to invites, see up-to-date details, and get a heads up before meetings start.

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See your schedule

Get a daily rundown of your
schedule delivered to you
every morning. Or quickly reference
today or tomorrow's schedule from anywhere
with /gcal today or
/gcal tomorrow.

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Get reminders and updates

Practice your punctuality
with a little nudge before
meetings start or when
someone changes the time of
an event. Choose how much of
a head start you'd like —
from 0 to five minutes or
up to an hour before meetings

Google Calendar example


Keep your calendar up to
date with a tap or click.
Review invite details, see
conflicting meetings, and
give a "Yes," "No," or
"Maybe" in Slack.

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Put the "meet" in "meeting"

If you're calling in, join
meetings with a tap or click
(currently supported by
Google Hangouts and Zoom).
Or get to where you're going
with the time and location
listed in Slack.


How to setup
Google Calendar


Step 1

Google Calendar by clicking the
Add to Slack button

Add to Slack

Step 2

Connect your account and select your calendar with the
Connect an Account button.

Connect an Account

Step 3

Voila! Your calendar awaits.
Use the /gcal slash command
to see your schedule or customize your notification preferences.

Calendar emoji

Want to post a shared calendar in channel?

Try the Google Calendar
for Team Events

Add to Slack

Bring notifications and reminders into channels:

  • Put your company holiday schedule front and center

  • Get a daily update of who's out for the day

  • Share big team meetings so everyone's in the know

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